Opinion – Accountability While In Public Office?

The Gambia today is such that the recent sacking of the Vice President and changes of the composition of ministers in cabinet brings with it very egregious consequences. As if we’ve not recently witnessed cabinet ministers operating independently of the direction, policy and vision of the same Coalition Government constituted by its members. The scandals […]

Land Dispute Tears Sotokoi Apart

Residents of Suma Kunda in Sotokoi, West Coast Region who are involved in a land dispute with near-by Medina Sotokoi over the weekend laid a vigil in the affected area at the village to resist an eviction order. “We were forcefully evicted in 2015 without notice during Jammeh’s time but today we will not accept […]

An Open Letter To President Adama Barrow

Dear President Barrow,  I write to you as a citizen of the great country The Gambia, I pray that you get my message in good health, open mind and most importantly with wisdom to have an in depth one to one reflection with yourself of what Gambians had to sacrifice which brought in December 2nd. […]

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Cancer

Cancer can produce many different symptoms, some subtle and some not at all subtle.  Some symptoms develop early in the course of cancer and are therefore important warning signs that should be evaluated by a doctor. Other symptoms develop only after the cancer progress and are therefore not helpful in the early detection of cancer. […]