A Female Rookie Mayor On Her First 100 Days In Office

I wonder why the Gambia has adopted this American democratic process. One thing we should note for certain is that it is not a constitutional requirement and therefore not mandatory. Yet if for the first time we borrow such a practice should it be a continuous arrangement.

Should it be made part of our constitution? I doubt it because the Americans who invented it don’t have it in their Constitution. Yet the good thing about it is that it gives us a picture of what direction the institution is heading to, the checks and balances in place as well as a road map.

The first 100 days sets the tone for an administration. A new administration comes in with new people who have a lot of energy and desire to change the existing bureaucratic systems in place. As soon as they arrive, that bureaucracy exerts inertia and friction on the new people. That’s what bureaucracy is for: keeping the system running with as much stability as possible. As a result, change becomes harder as time goes on.

The second thing is that events intervene.

The more things that happen, the more managerial attention is distracted from the original agenda. We learn genuine policy goals (often in contrast with campaign promises, but not always). The manner in which Mayor Rohie Malick Lowe delivered her statement and the revelations she made were something to reckon with noting that she is a complete rookie in public office.

She has been able to drive home her points regarding what she inherited at Council both administratively and financially. We learn the communication style of the BCC and whether the Mayor intends to strong-arm her agenda via her own executive order or work with Councillors and Commitees within and outside Council. Under the jurisdiction of her line Ministry.

It is interesting to note that for the first time in the History of this nation and the BCC that a Mayor has taken the bold step to account for her 100 days in office. On a non-partisan basis this is highly commendable.

One striking aspect of her statement has been on recouping the the finances of Council and in this direction a task force was created to properly and critical evaluate Council’s financial position to determine its position which is crucial to the uplifting of the City Council’s resource base and its efficient management.

A review of her 100 days in office presents a panoramic overview of BCC and where its heading to socially and economically.

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