About Us – Welcome To Gambia Today

Welcome To Gambia Today

Gam-Media and Public Relations Company Ltd. is the Publisher of The Gambia Today Newspaper. The Gambia Today has a strong commitment to promote National development policies and programmes of the Government of the Gambia as well as the Public and Private sector.

Our Editorial policy will offer our readership a wide variety of information with a professional, fair and accurate degree of investigative journalism as watchdogs of Government and civil society in the democratization process of the New Gambia.

The Gambia Today will initially publish twice weekly and grow steadily to become a fully- fledged daily paper with pulsating articles such as; Farmer’s Platform, Letter from the Diaspora, Woman’s Own, Workers Platform, Opinion Column, Sports and New Trends in Information Technology among other interesting articles and don’t spare the cartoon.

With a team of seasoned journalists at our disposal we are duty bound to inform our readers with news as it happens. We therefore appeal to all stakeholders for their support in making information available to the media for a better and accountable Gambia.

As we launch our maiden issue we stand united with our colleagues in the media to ask of the Government of the day to speed up efforts in repealing laws that inhibit our profession. The Constitution of the Gambia in sections 25:1(a) and 207:1 guarantees the freedom of the Press. The African Charter on freedom of expression states:

  1. 1.Freedom of expression and information, including the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other form of communication, including across frontiers, is a fundamental and inalienable human right and an indispensable component of democracy.
  1. Everyone shall have an equal opportunity to exercise the right to freedom of expression and to access information without discrimination.

“Long Live the Fourth arm of the State”