Accused Opens Defense In Voir Dire

Ebrima Tamba on last week opens defense in the voir dire in the ongoing drug case before Magistrate Njie at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court.

Ebrima is charged with the possession of 24g0 8mg at BB highway on the 16th of March 2018.

In the opening of the voir dire Mr. Tamba told the court that upon arrival at the station he was taken inside to give his voluntary statement adding that when he was asked about his occupation he told them he is a footballer and plays for Ziguinchorr. Asked if he is a Senegalese, he replied that he is a Gambian.

Tamba revealed that he was asked about the cannabis but he told them that he have never seen the cannabis and that he do not even smoke.

“I was asked to thumb print or else I will be taken to the cell I refused at first but later signed the statement forcefully, I also asked if I could call my people before entering the cell but they denied me and took me in to the cell.

Matter is adjourned for the ruling of Voir dire.

By: Awa Gassama

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