Alhagie Conateh – Alkalo Of Kunting in Central River Region North

The acting alkalo of Niani Kunting village in Central River Region North (CRR/N) has expressed that 2018/19 farming season will be the years of bumper harvest in their area.

Alkalo Of Kunting, GambiaAlhagie Conateh was speaking to our reporter at his resident in Kunting about his own expectation for the 2018-2019 farming season.

“During the commencement of the rainy season farmers lose confident on the 2018/19 farming season due to the low rainfall we were receiving by then, but as I am speaking to you now crops are doing fine in Niani district due to constant rainfall we are receiving now,” Conateh informed our reporter.

Kunting acting Alkalo Alhagie Conateh informed our reporter that even rice fields are doing well but used the opportunity to call on the farmers in the area to continue weeding their farms if they want to have good harvest.

He thanked the Government of President Adama Barrow for the concern and interest they have for the farmers which he said was lacking under the former regime.

Meanwhile the acting alkalo Majlis Sects Calls on Gov’t to Intervene in War of Words

Renowned Majlis sects in the Upper, Central and Lower River Regions have called on Government through the office of the Religious Adviser to the President to immediately intervene in the current war of words among different Muslim sects in the country.

Grand-marabou,  Kaba Kamma Majlis sect, Alhaji Mbemba Sillah said the current war of words among Muslims is unIslamic stating that both Madrasa and Majlis sects’ educators should see themselves as Muslims.

He appealed to Muslims to dislodge using social media forums insulting or uttering fouls words against their fellow Muslims while also calling on Gov’t to involve both Rawdatul Majaalis and SIC executive members to a peaceful dialogue.

“Those who were schooled through Majlis and Madrasa share the same aims, goals and objectives which are to promote the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed,” Sheikh Sillah informed.

According to Sheikh Sillah, Prophet Mohamed teaches three of his disciples on difference types of Teyiyatulilai adding that those disciples namely; Omar, Abass and Abdoulie recited the said Teyiyatulilai differently while praying behind the Prophet (SAW).

Despite those disciples reciting Teyiyatulilai differently this did not bring any row between them, therefore the same thing should continue among the Muslims in the country.

He said: “Rawdatul Majaalis was formed to empower Majlis sects in the country and also to follow the footsteps of our forefathers, this is what encourages my Majlis sect to rally behind them,” he said.

Alhaji Abdoulie Sillah of Kunting Majlis sect described Rawdatul Majaalis as an Islamic organization that was form to support Majlis sects in the country which his Majlis sects are in full support of.

According to Sillah his Majlis sect are behind Rawdatul Majaalis because as he rightly put it: “They want to empower us after 22-years of arresting, torturing, detaining and humiliating Islamic scholars in the country,” Sheikh Sillah said.

He assured of his Majlis sect continued support to Rawdatul Majaalis, adding that they are the only Islamic organization that can preserve the good work of our forefathers.

Alhaji Saikou Sillah-Julangel, Yahya Ceesay-Garawol, Imam Saikou Dinding Jaiteh-Jarumeh Koto, Sheikh Maje Suwareh and Imam Alhaji Saikou Ceesay both from Barrow Kunda and Modi Jawara-Sabi all assured their unflinching support to Rawdatul Majaalis for their efforts in reviving the footsteps of our forefathers

By: Lamin B. Darboe

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