An Open Letter To President Adama Barrow

Dear President Barrow,  I write to you as a citizen of the great country The Gambia, I pray that you get my message in good health, open mind and most importantly with wisdom to have an in depth one to one reflection with yourself of what Gambians had to sacrifice which brought in December 2nd.

I write to your honorable person as a fellow citizen who not only campaigned but voted for you base on the notion that you were the one I believe would usher in the real change we hope for. When I entered that polling booth on Election Day nothing came to my mind but the future of The Gambia and her people. I hope you get my message with an open mind of the current realities of the state of mind of our country.

After all said and done, I must confess that I and so many of my fellow citizens are totally disappointed and led down by you and your administration. Your government had made so many wrong political judgements which shouldn’t have happened, but yet we still let go and thought it was nothing personal but just an oversight.

But one thing we will NEVER forgive you and your administration for, is if you ever fail to acknowledge and stand up to tribal politics, you may decide to act as or made to believe that the country is normal but am putting it to you that everything is so wrong with your administration and for you to kept quite over such tribal politics makes me think if you are still the candidate Barrow or not.

Yes we know Ousainou Darboe is someone you hold as a father figure which I and so many Gambians have no problem with, but one thing we will NEVER allow is allowing him or any other person to be calling the shots instead of you the democratically elected President of The Republic. I know you are an executive member of the UDP, but I will remind you in case you forgot that we voted for Adama Barrow the coalition candidate and not a UDP candidate.

Why are you yet to address the nation despite seeing/knowing all the negative tribal politics happening in our once so united Gambia? Is it because you said Ousainou is like a father to you and he’s been accused of orchestrating the division within the coalition and putting the interest of party/self over two million Gambians? Who risked everything just to bring about the change which he is also benefiting from today.

I hope you listen to the ordinary farmer in Mbanta and not those bunch of power hungry politicians who care nothing but themselves. I would conclude by letting you know that so many that voted for you are angry, disappointed and felt betrayed.

God bless The Gambia!

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