Banjul Central NAM Stated ‘Banjul Was Totally Neglected By Jammeh Regime’

The National Assembly Member (NAM) for Banjul Central informed fellow deputies that the City of Banjul is becoming a ghost town and has been neglected by the former President Jammeh’s 22-years old regime adding that the City does not belong to Banjulians alone, but to the entire nation.

Hon. Muhammed Ndow made this comment last Monday during the debate on President Adama Barrow’s State of the Nation address in the 2018 Legislative Year by the deputies at the National Assembly Chambers in Banjul.

Banjul Central representative urged President Adama Barrow and his Government not to ignore the development of Banjul as was in the case of the former Government as it is the Capital City of The Gambia.

Hon. Ndow described Banjul as in an alarming state with all the roads and sewages dilapidated with bad odour, coupled with flooding of façades at the entrance of the terminal, which in his own words is a big disgrace to the entire country.

He said: “The streets and residential houses in Banjul South have now been  turned into warehouses, making survival difficult for the residents within the City due to air pollution and the spontaneous parking of trucks all over the City,” NAM Ndow informed fellow deputies.

He therefore called on President Adama Barrow and his Government to urgently address the plight of Banjulians and Gambians in general in order to make the City a proud City within the Sub-region and beyond.

“Commercial activities cannot properly take place in Banjul because all the major roads in Banjul South, Leman Street, Buckle Street, Wellington Street and Hill Street are dilapidated and have never been through maintenance since 1992,” NAM Ndow stated.

Hon. Ndow lauded the Gambian leader for his bold stand on tribal sentiment in the country adding that Gambia is small thus with one people who inter-marry amongst themselves.

Hon. Ndow further addressed deputies by saying “Let me advise all Gambians living in and outside the country to denounce all forms of hate speech and embrace social cohesion in order to avert the case of Rwanda, where one million lives got lost within two weeks.”

On the President’s State of the Nation address in the 2018 Legislative Year last Thursday, Banjul Central NAM Ndow advised that the President’s address should be held during the First Ordinary Session of the year.

By: Lamin B. Darboe

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