Be Kind To Everyone You Meet And Spark Hope

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Kofi Annan

 Have you ever thought of this? It’s so weird thinking back to when you first met someone and that moment you had no idea they would have such a big impact on you… ….Lost in the center of no where, wondering to get my way out like a child in a shopping mall. Suddenly she appeared and hi she said… I am your guiding Angel ready to see you through, up I look and all I see is beauty.

I was lost of words and now I know she was to show me my way out I was at least for once sure of my destination. After seeing me out of the mall, a once complete stranger has suddenly become an acquaintance, friend and then family in one night.

Next time you cross path with someone in life, try and leave a positive impact that they can remember you for, be polite, be honest, be kind, be gentle, be humble and most importantly give a helping hand even if they don’t ask for you may need the same tomorrow.

As humans we cross path with a lot of people during our lifetime, some we don’t get to see again, some we just pass without neither saying hi, some we would exchange greetings but that’s all would ever happen and some we will cherish and remember for eternity. Be the type people will always remember for their kindness, the trademark smile, humbled, a great personality and sense of humor.

From the early days of my childhood at the village, to Primary school, Junior secondary, Senior Secondary, post High School education, work life and few of the travels and trainings I attend a lot of people I have cross path with, shared experience and hearing them narrate theirs stories contributed in making me who I am today.

On daily basis we crossed path with people fighting a silent war of their own, just a smile or greetings could go a long way to cheering them up and giving them HOPE that there is light at end of the tunnel. Being kind to random people wouldn’t cost you anything but show your level of humility and that single kind gesture could illuminate their life and spark a hope. As a people we believed in two religions Christianity and Islam which propagates kind gestures towards even strangers.

Daily in life we meet people who are fighting a silent battle of pain, depression loneliness and know it or not a single gesture of kindness could go a long way in healing their pain. Next time you cross path with someone, the least you can give is a genuine smile.

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