Chairman Sanneh Reveals MKAC Currently Implementing D26 Million Projects in LRR

The chairman, Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC) has revealed before a large crowd of taxpayers in the Lower River Region that his council through the partnership with the Rural Infrastructure Development Project (RIDP) under GAMWORKS has lined up fourteen projects for implementation in 2018.

Landing B. Sanneh made this revelation on Wednesday as he presided over the marking 100 days in office as Chairman, Mansakonko Area Council (MKAC).in a form of town hall meeting in Jarra Soma.

According to chairman Sanneh, currently four projects are under implementation in the region namely; State of earth conference centre in Jarra Soma D15M, extension of the existing CLIP Storey Building at Soma Market D4M, provision of clean and safe pipe drinking water in Kiang Janneh Kunda D3.5M and expansion of pipe water facility in Kiang Kaiaf D3.5M.

He also informed the gathering that there are other four Projects which were just awarded and are waiting to be launched soon namely; Multipurpose centres in Kiang Kwinella and Jappineh, construction of Soma car park and electricity infrastructure in Sare Mawdo and Darsillami.

Sanneh informed LRR taxpayers that the total annual estimated revenue for Mansakonko Area Council is D974, 000.00 out of which average collection is below 60%.

According to Sanneh, six communities will benefit from the solar projects which are to be awarded to the contractors namely; Darsilameh, Jabisa and Bureng in Jarra and Dumbutu, Massembeh and Jiroff all in Kiang.

He informed the gathering that all the said projects have been duly assessed and confirmed to be worthy and necessary, adding that despite the severe financial constraints and weak system inherited, the council currently has paid all its counterpart contribution to GAMWORKS regarding the aforementioned projects.

In the same vein he went on, his council has resolved to settle pressing liabilities and arrears hanging over its shoulders while stating that his ongoing activities includes; Development of a medium term strategic plan for the Council, assessment of establishment and financial structures of the Council, partnership building and networking and furnishing of the Council guest house at Bureng Lumo.

“My council planned activities will include; restructure of critical departments of the Council in terms of recruiting professional staff, establishment of ICT unit for the Council, identification and concept building of priority projects for the tax payers, strengthen the revenue collection unit, revise the existing tariffs of rates and taxes, restructure and train VDCs and WDCs, strengthen the Market and Lumo Committees and staff capacity building”, Sanneh informed the gathering.

He said the advent of the new democratic Gambia has ushered in some significant changes which affected the general outlook of the Local Government Authorities, including his council.

“The elections of Chairpersons as heads of the Councils is further support to promoting decentralization, which requires more attention from the councils thus address the needs of the taxpayers and the electorates,” he stated.

Currently he added, the decentralized structures are well comprised and could only be properly utilized with actions relevant to the aspirations of the people of community.

By Lamin B. Darboe

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