Councilor Jammeh Electrifies Bundung Cemetery

The Councilor for Bundung Six Junction Ward electrified Bundungfarokono cemetery located at Bundung Borehole Ward under Kanifing Municipality.

In his handing over speech on Friday to Bundung Farokono Masjid (Mosque) committee at the historic event held at the cemetery premises, the Councilor for Bundung Six Junction Ward, Sulayman Jammeh the donor of the project, informed the gathering that the project was pegged at D30, 000.

“I did this so as to develop Bundung because you all know that the Councilor for Bundung Borehole is Lamin Darboe not me, but as far as I am concern, my development priorities has no boundaries,” Jammeh informed Bundung Borehole community.

According to Councilor Jammeh, the electricity system at the cemetery was installed in order to give help during night burial and also revamp security at the cemetery yard.

He commended the support he received from the Mayor of Kanifing Municipality and his Councilors, Contestants Councillorship Association of Bundung, Bundung Farokono Islamic Youth Association for Development and Bundung Wards Development Committee among others.

He informed Bundung Borehole community that electrifying Bundung Farokono cemetery was his second project during his short period as Councilor adding that the first electricity project he installed was at Bundung main cemetery.

He used the occasion to call on others to emulate his good example thus the Government of the day alone cannot do it all stressing that people like him (Councilor) need to play their part in complementing Government efforts some areas.

For his part, the Councilor Bundung Borehole Ward, Lamin Darboe expressed his delight to the Councilor Bundung Six Junction Ward, Sulayman Jammeh for the wonderful work he has done to his (Darboe’s) Ward.

Councilor Darboe assured his colleague Councilor Jammeh of his Ward unflinching support to him at all-time adding that the lightening systems at the cemetery will help the Muslim community in the area a lot.

He equally appealed to the Mosque committee to take good care of the project thus if it is to last long while explaining that CouncilorJammeh’s work was geared towards promoting Islam.

He thanked all those who graced the ceremony including the community of Bundung Borehole, colleague Councilors within KM, Contestants Councillorship Association of Bundung and others.

The Imam of Bundung Farokono Mosque who doubles as the PRO, Imams Association of Bundung, Ousman Boye and Imam of Bundung Central Mosque, Muhammad LaminJaiteh both gave praises to Allah the Almighty for project to come in their community.

The trio described Councilor Jammeh’s deeds as Islamic noting that as true Muslims, this was what they should do if they have the means to do so rather than spending their wealth on things that are un-Islamic.

“As Muslims we need to invest our money towards something that would promote and propagate Islam for our own benefit hereafter,” the trio Imams informed Bundung Borehole Muslim community.

As part of the handing-over ceremony, recitation of the Holy Quran was recited in order for the Allah the Almighty to whisper his blessing to Bundung Six Junction Councilor, Sulayman Jammeh, leadership of the Kanifing Municipality under Talib Ahmed Bensouda and Contestant Councillorship Association of Bundung Ka Kunda for making their dream a reality .

Sanjal Kanyi represented the Lord Mayor of KM, Amie Jatta, Omar Gaye and FatouNjie All spoke at the ceremony while the Program Officer, Bunudng Wards Development Committee,Alhagie Abubacarr Sillah chaired the occasion.

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