Countdown To Coalition Agreement – 1yr. 3mons. 20 Days

The Gambia Today’s Lamin Darboe has been sampling the opinion of Gambians on the Coalition 2016 agreement.

Ebrima L.S. Marenah  – Politician/businessman-Kudang village in CRR/South said Barrow should continue his Presidency within these five-years to come in order to complete his mission.

“As a politician we Gambians voted for five years not three years and also the Commissions setup by President Adama Barrow need not to be completed by another President but the sitting President who setup the said Commissions,” Marenah informed our reporter.

Those Coalition Political parties, who discussed about three years period for the Presidency he went on, were just tactics by the said political parties in order to get rid of former President Yahya Jammeh from power.

Foday Gassama – Brikama said there was no three year agreement between various Political parties adding that for those who voted for change in December Presidential election did it for five years not three years.

“Let me tell you that no genuine Gambian will say that the country will go for election next year based on the much talk-about so-called Coalition agreement,” Gassama informed our reporter.

According to Foday Gassama, no politician will mislead Gambians any more about the so-called three years Coalition agreement because no politician will come up with a documented agreement on that.

He said Gambians are fully aware of their rights and duties and to fool them is a thing of the past thus the politics of interest is something Gambians will never adhere to.

Buba Conteh alias Diplo of Bakau said he voted for five years not three years adding that if you ask any patriotic Gambian he/she will tell you that we will go for five years not three years as some people are howling.

He called on Gambians not to listen to those politicians who are looking for cheap popularity through the so-called Coalition agreement while stressing the need for Gambians to focus on what they can do for their county in order to make it a proud country within the sub-region.

Musa Samateh  from Kiang Jali in Kiang West District has this to say: Gambians voted for five-years not three years as some failed politicians are yearning for adding that going for another election is just a waste of time and resources.

According to Samateh, people should not even bother to discuss about whether Barrow will step down or not if the Coalition’s agreement three year expires which is now 1year-3months- 20 days away.

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