Countdown To The Coalition Agreement – 1Yr. 1 Month. 10 Days

The PDOIS will no longer compromise the truth, we have been patient for too long and we will no longer be patient with the truth. Deception is no longer possible.

I must say that I will not tell you the figures, what PDOIS deposited for the deposit of the presidential candidate, what PDOIS contributed to the campaign, the funds that PDOIS mobilized for the campaign.

If any leader ever said again that PDOIS is an enemy of the coalition, we will reveal what those figures are compared to what they have done” That was in March 2017 and since then we have seen who is the enemy of the coalition.

Who fired who? Who is trying to consolidate his power at the expense of the coalition that is no longer a coalition? So much has happened since then and when the aforementioned statement was made no one challenged it. T

he truth shall always prevail. Men of integrity must stick to values. At State House the sweet breeze of the Atlantic Ocean has fanned many Governors, a Governor General and two Presidents and a current one finds it intoxicating and so did his immediate predecessor. To leave the comfort of State house with all the amenities free of charge at the taxpayer’s expense is worrying.

But it is inevitable as time passes on. However as we reflect on the quotation from the PDOIS hierarchy, we applaud their wise decision not to be part of cabinet as we have come to realise the pitfalls that other ministers have found themselves, including the former Vice President.

If PDOIS have accepted any ministerial position the axe would have done its job as has been the case of those that harp on the transition of a three year period. The PDOIS as we gather were the main source of funding of Coalition 2016 especially in the early stages of its formation.

With integrity and good faith they have held on to their belief that what they campaigned for as a coalition was a three year transitional government. If that becomes null and void come December 30th, 2019 they will be utterly disappointed.

The question then will be “What next?” A series of battles at the Supreme Court will definitely prevail. Will the new constitution play any role in the matters therein? Constitutional lawyers are warming up and so are all players including the voters who voted on the campaign slogan “Three Years transitional Government”. We shall see.

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