Countdown To The Coalition Agreement 1Yr. 13Days

UDP leader and Vice-President Ousainou Darboe is on record vowing to go to court in the event anyone tried to implement the three year coalition agreement.

But today, UDP supporters are in the forefront calling for President Barrow to step down after three years. The accusation of alleged attempted bribery of lawmakers was made by a UDP MP. UDP supporters appear particularly unsettled about the formation of a movement widely seen as the vehicle President Barrow intends to use to pursue his future political career.

The Barrow Youth Movement can be a springboard. Although the appointment of Mr. Darboe as Vice-President was interpreted by the government’s critics as part of a plot to rid the cabinet of all non-UDP members, some of the party’s supporters believe it was in fact a reflection of President Barrow’s plot for the future. As Foreign minister, they say, Mr. Darboe was the most influential member of cabinet, and that by appointing him as VP, President Barrow literary stripped him of the opportunity to establish his credentials internationally. (Very true)

As UDP went to congress without of course yes without President Barrow there are now serious questions to answer. Will Barrow ever be a UDP member? Will he step down after the transition? Will he form a political party? If he does what are his chances President Barrow, no doubt, wants to complete his 5 year development plan but that is not enough since 2 years have now elapsed and not a single project has surfaced.

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