Countdown To The Coalition Agreement 1Yr. 2Mons. 22 Days

Was this heard through the grapevine that President Adama Barrow allegedly sent a delegation to VP Ousainou Darboe, to find out if the UDP will select him to be the party’s flag bearer after his terms ends in 2021?  So for our dear President, the trust and confidence bestowed upon you by Coalition 2016 have diminished.

Is it true that the delegation was informed by the UDP Boss Ousainou Darboe that the decision to select a flag bearer rests entirely in the hands of the party’s membership at Congress 2020? It is alleged that VP Darboe told the delegation that Barrow’s prospects to represent the UDP in any future elections would be determined by a party Congress and not by him as Boss of the UDP.

These are strange times and a time to look for options. Once you sleep in State House, the likelihood to return and sleep at home is worrisome. The UDP congress is slated for December this year. But the issue of flagbearer will only be raised at its 2020 congress. Can President Barrow attend the Congress? No!!!.President Barrow is on paper not a member of the UDP because he resigned to take up the presidency under the coalition.

What if the UDP 2020 Congress decides otherwise?

One wonders what the role of the Barrow Youth Movement is playing. Are they political or apolitical? ”Does President Barrow have his own political ambitions unaligned to the UDP?  ”There are too many questions to be answered right now. Only time will tell. One thing is certain and this is my take “No single party will ever win a Presidential election any time soon. President Barrow has made it clear that he will stay in office until 2021 as empowered by the 1997.

However, he still holds the ace and can send us all reeling for cover if he steps down after the three years agreed with his coalition partners. Oh what a story to tell. Strange days lie ahead.

There is bad blood running between Barrow’s Youth Movement and the UDP supporters loyal to OusainouDarboe. This blood is black and thick and if you don’t know, then waits till you get stained.

What is in the mind of the President? As of now, he is not happy that the UDP Strong man has not thrown his weight behind him in his alleged request for flagbearer in 2021.

As we go to press President Adama Barrow’s political chess masters and strategists have embarked on a nationwide tour to canvass for support among United Democratic Party (UDP) Chairmen and Chairwomen ahead of the party’s Congress scheduled for December this year. But isn’t it strange enough that they don’t know that the issue of flag bearer will not surface kin December but only in 2020. Help us God. Things are so misunderstood all in the name of Power.

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