Countdown To The Coalition Agreement 1Yr. 2Mons. 29Days

There’s still ample time to reach the deadline of the coalition agreement. However and interestingly much is being said in favour and against a three year transitional government. Will the Independent Electoral Commission clarify, that the manifesto presented by Coalition flag bearer Adama Barrow did indicate a three year transitional government. If so, at the expiry of the three year term, the Supreme Court will be a busy bantaba. But until then we continue to bring to the fore issues on the matter.

Did we hear a couple of weeks ago that members of the United Democratic Party in the West Coast Region wrote to President Barrow asking him to resign his membership of Coalition 2016 and return to the UDP. Isn’t that a recipe for President Barrow’s political suicide? The Executives of the Brikama-based branch need to remind themselves that the President won the elections via a coalition ticket. If he resigns from the coalition and rejoins the UDP he automatically loses the presidency. With that happening Vice President Ousainou Darboe will taste what he has always yearned for; enjoy the seat of President of the Republic of the Gambia, albeit for 90 days only. We will then head for an unexpected and crucial election. Since President Barrow is silent on the matter, and we think sanity will prevail, he can simply respond to this request with a thank you note and add “My hands are tied”

Was that Imam Baba Leigh of the Kanifing Estate Mosque voicing his disagreement with Omar AmadouJallow, leader of the People’s Progressive Party on how long President Barrow should stay in office. It all fits in this column. Imam Leigh wants President Barrow to stay in office for 10 years. Oh! wishful thinking Imam. The president can only be in office at a periodic 5 year and may be re-elected through the ballot box. Was Imam Leigh picking up a fight with OJ? We quote: “I will side with the constitution and disagree with OJ. OJ should respect that. ” He said OJ may be the titular head but does not own the PPP. “OJ has never invited me to a rally nor involved me in his politics”.

“If there is a need for Barrow to serve for five or even ten years, I support that. Knowing how expensive elections are and Gambians just came out of many elections and those who know the law say, three years is against the constitution and we are all advocating for a respect of the constitution.

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