Countdown To The Coalition Agreement – 1Yr. 3Mons. 13 Days

It is perhaps the most important principle of leadership and dependent on integrity because it demands truthfulness and honesty. … Integrity means telling the truth even if the truth is ugly. Better to be honest than to delude others, because then you are probably deluding yourself, too.

How come today we lament over what those men of high moral standing agreed upon just yesterday. While almost everyone is adamant that their leaders ought to demonstrate integrity, honesty and trust, they do not define or understand those terms consistently.

The differences in perception make it critical for you to find out more specifically what your managers, colleagues, direct reports, and other key stakeholders are looking for when it comes to honesty, integrity, and trust. It may not be enough for you to simply tell the truth when challenged or to turn in accurate expense reports.

To be known for your integrity, honesty, and trust, you may need to demonstrate more personal courage; you may need to create an environment that is more open and transparent; or, you may need to build a stronger sense of teamwork and cooperation. The critical next step is to ask around. When it comes to honesty, integrity, and trust, what do the people in your organization expect from you? Integrity goes beyond honesty.  It speaks to a person’s character and their consistency.

The word integrity is derived from the Latin word integer, which is defined as whole, complete.  Integrity speaks to the entire character of the person.  Just as we might say that a building’s integrity has been compromised if there is an inconsistency detected in its structure, so to, a person’s integrity is compromised if their life is not consistent.  A person of integrity acts according to their faith, values, beliefs, and principals.

They say what they mean and do what they say. Are you a person of integrity?  Are you consistent in your words and actions?  Do you act in accordance with your beliefs? Do you follow through on what you say you will do?

The 2016 coalition was well aware of the constitutional provisions regarding the tenure of office of the President.

These men meant goodwill to each other at that particular time; a time where they had a set target and a goal. With the goal achieved, what in the name of the Almighty Allah that should prevail other than holding our heads high and wave the banner of integrity.

Our Constitution is not cast in stone, neither is it like the law of the Medes and the Persians.

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