Court Issues Warrants For Accused Person’s Arrest

Magistrate Njie of the Bundung Magistrate over the weekend revoked the bail and warrant for the arrest of one Sellou Saidy due to his consecutive absence of his case in court.

When the case was called in court Sellou Saidy was absent and the Prosecutor in charge of the case Prosecutor LK Bojang told the court that this is the second time he is calling the 7th Prosecution Witness ModouMarena to the court and the accused is absent which is definitely not easy on his side. LK Bojang stated that the last time he asked the accused person why he was absent from court he revealed he was partying and forgot the date. LK Bojang therefore applied for the bail of the accused person to be revoked.

Magistrate Njie stated that by the records of the court the accused person have been absent 2 times consecutively and with the issues raised by the prosecutor he therefore revoked the bail and warrant for his arrest.

SellouSaidy is charged with the possession of 1kg 400g of Cannabis Sativa at Tujereng Village on the 8th of September 2017

By: Awa Gassama

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