District 9101 Governor Addresses Gambia’s Rotary Club Members

The District 9101 Governor 2018-2019 who double as a member of the Rotary Club of Banjul recently addressed members of the four Rotary Club in the country at a ceremony held at a local hotel in Kololi.

Mr. Akiladi J.  Allen a Gambian, has completed a visit to ten (10) Rotary Club member countries including The Gambia thus the membership of the Rotary Clubs constitute the District 9101 of Rotary International. In his address, Mr. Allen informed Rotarians that the objective of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise in any Rotary Club member countries.

According to Mr. Allen, there are four Rotary clubs in the country namely, Rotary Club of Banjul, Rotary Club of Fajara, Rotary Club of Brusubi and Rotary Club of Bijilo while appealed to the said Rotarians to do all they can and raise funds in order to support the less privilege in the society. “It is part of my mandate to visit Rotary Clubs under my jurisdictions and in my tour, I visited eighty (80) Rotary Clubs within ten (10) Countries,” Mr. Allen informed fellow Rotarians.

He encouraged his fellow Rotarians in the country to do their best and get more members especially the young folk into their Clubs in order to have vibrant Rotary Clubs in the country. The focus of your Clubs he added is to think how to big projects and come to the aid of the less privilege societies mainly in the areas of health, water among others. He stated the every Rotary Club have challenges adding that the Club with less members will face the biggest challenges thus the reason why he is encouraging them to welcome more members into their various Clubs.

Mr. Allen enjoined Gambia’s Rotary Club members not to run away responsibilities within their Club thus urging them to always aspire to become leaders. “We want every Rotarian to be seen at the highest level in the Rotary Clubs and potential leaders need to serve at the District level 9101 and also welcome veteran Rotarians into your Clubs for the improvement of your Clubs,” Allen said. District 9101 Governor, Aki Allen suggested to the country’s Rotarians to undertake big projects within their various Rotary Club adding that at Rotary Club level we train leaders to become potential leaders.

He finally encouraged Rotary Club members in the country to always work with Government if only they want to register 95 per cent success in their work. The occasion was graced by members from the four Rotary Clubs in the country and was chaired by Assistant Governor District 9101, Mr. Minyan Jobe

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