Equal Treatment For Everyone Must Be Our Guiding Principle

George Orwell warned “The further a society drift from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it”. 

The #SSHFC saga has been ongoing for a very long time and now that the executive has taken decision on the matter based on a report and recommendations by a committee setup by the President to look into the matter, during the time of that committee’s probe the office of the ombudsman was also investigating the same saga.

First I have no issues with the President setting up a committee to look into the matter but I have an issue with the committee for being bias against the staff, hearing their brief narration of their findings and recommendations during the handing over of the report to the President. I was disappointed that they focus on the alleged wrongs of the staff and neglected the alleged wrongs of the Managing Director which are more of serious concerns than the former.

An independent investigation must be seen to act justly by capturing both sides but in the SSHFC case it seems the committee exonerated the Managing Director despite all the evidences pointed at him and I have not seen anywhere he came up with a tangible proof to clear his name but all along has been on saying it’s a witchhunt by staff who are against his reforms. Such aren’t strong evidence to proof his innocence on the matters he’s being accused of.

Mr. President it’s important you look at the issues holistically and make your decision at the very interest of the collective and not be rish into making a decision that isn’t just and fair, such would only prolong the matter and increase the anger amongst staff who felt they are being unjustly punished for standing up for their rights like any other citizens.

I can’t comprehend what yardsticks was used by your office to disregard the report of the office of the ombudsman which was created by an act of parliament over a report by a committee which was setup by your office? Disregarding the report of the ombudsman is setting a bad precedents that institutions mandated by law in which citizens can rush to fir for redress in a situation they felt are wronged becomes irrelevant and pushing citizens to have no other choice but standing up for themselves as seen in the case of SSHFC.

As President of the Republic you have sworn to defend the constitution, national institutions, but also protect the rights of every citizen of this great country of our. Having said the above I seek your indulgence to listen to the cries of the staff of SSHFC who are citizens like all of us.

I wouldn’t defend any person/s who violates the laws of the country but the same law advocates for equal treatment for every persons at all times, and in the case of SSHFC that isn’t the case. The complaints of staff have been overlooked and if that is allowed to proceed it means we are setting a bad precedents into the future.

I hope you find in your heart to rethink the decision of terminating the services of MomodouCamara who acted all through the process as a representative of staff and not at his individual capacity as a citizen or an employee of the said institution.

Let we pray;

“Oh Allah, if I hurt others give me the strength to apologise and if others hurt me give me the strength to forgive. Cleanse my soul from all evils, make Quran my map so that I can follow the right path and do the right deeds till death do me”

For The Gambia our homeland, we seek to see equal treatment of all citizens under the law.

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