Faith & Destiny

A person’s FAITH is tested throughout his/her life, stay ALERT in all situations of your life. Sometimes we are so much down that a lot comes to our mind, thinking it’s the only solution to bring us back on our feet.

You might feel like the world is crashing on you or someone has put a heavy load on you that you can’t carry. I have once gone through such in the past and that makes me know how you must be feeling, it can lead to the point of being suicidal locking yourself indoors and never wanting to see or talk to anyone drowned yourself with a bottle of hard liquor, having few joints of weed even if for the first time, ranting on anything, blaming everyone for your situation.

Destiny is something God has planned for us and faith is a strong belief that whatever it is God has planned is the best thing for us .And it is faith that give us strength in the hard times through the journey to our Destiny. A perception towards the hard time dominated by faith will give you more joy more stability more confidence and leads towards the Destiny.

Talking about the relationship between the Destiny and faith: Suppose Destiny is a place where you have to reach it is the primary goal of your life and anyhow your entire life is a struggle to reach to that place DESTINY. Now the journey isn’t that simple there are hurdles, obstacles and illusions in the track to take you off the road to deviate you from your destiny. Faith is how one relates to the unknowable, a decision or leap despite the incapacity to know the bottom line.

Destiny or destination is the end point of a journey, and we each decide our own life journey by means of the cumulative effects of our casual decisions, if by no other means. Predestination is a fallacious doctrine. God does not designate a fixed future for anyone. We create our future for ourselves, both individually and collectively, by means of our decisions. Of course, we can only decide within a limited range of options, and our decisions may be impacted by outside forces beyond our control, so in that sense there may be a somewhat random “destiny” imposed upon us, yet this still doesn’t impact upon faith.

Except perhaps inasmuch as that faith involves a leap despite the incapacity to know the bottom line, and the bottom line may be impacted by random forces beyond our control, thus potentially non-consensually redirecting our destiny. Here faith plays a major role .It is like a map even though you can’t see the Destiny from someplace in journey that is in hard time it will keep you on right track and will surely lead you to the Destiny. Never lose your map. Whatever SITUATION you might find yourself let your state of mind be as below;

  1. Free your heart from hatred
  2. Free your mind from worries
  3. Live simply
  4. Give more
  5. Expect less.

But hey it’s just a ruff and tuff times that is meant to test you, but will surely come to pass. For you are stronger than anything that tries to break you down. From today don’t ever listen to the inner voice that keeps telling you it’s over you can’t make it and start saying “Yes I can!” at the top of your voice. Before you realize you up on your feet and taking on everything on your way trying to break you down, take note many a great person have once gone through break/melt down or have once been told they can’t. You may be at a point of letting go of all your dreams, lost hope, felt betrayed by those you trust and love and just wishing that everything ends now…

But believe me the world needs such great people like you and if not for anything else you owed it to yourself, family, genuine friends and love ones who have always had so much hopes and believe in you from way back and you just can’t allow yourself to let them down now. Whatever you may be going through is just a test from thy Lord because He knows you are strong enough to carry on His mission of spreading HOPE to a lot more people that have already lost it, and from here you will be an Inspiration to a generation and your story shall go far and wide from sitting rooms, classes, boardroom and a lot more places in changing and shaping the world. Pray ONLY to Him by asking “My Lord I humble myself before thy throne seeking your blessings”. Always REMEMBER that, the sun will RISE and we will keep TRYING again. I end with a quote from one of reggae music’s LEGENDARY singer Peter Tosh;

“This piece of paper they call money has killed many, but it won’t kill I.”

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