G.M. Lottery Pays Out On Fraudulent Win & States ‘Customers Come First’

G.M. Lottery Ltd. Wishes to make it public that as it continues to serve the interest of its customers, it will continue to abide by the principles of trust that exist between it and customers and the public at large.

The Company however regrets to announce that it has unearthed a fraudulent operation by insiders who allegedly declared a winner of its jackpot with a ticket that did not go through due process of being validated as a winning ticket.

This unscrupulous act has been a cause for concern to management as it tries to balance what is considered wrong and to honour what is it to maintain customer trust and confidence.

Management took the decision to pay out the sum of money to the winning ticket as a show of its commitment to its customers despite its reservations which it now deems confidential.

G.M. Lottery wishes to assure its customers that stringent measures have now been put in place to safeguard its interest against inside fraudulent practices taking place.

It vows to continue its principle of fair play at all times towards its ever growing customer base. “At GM Lottery, Customers come first”

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