Gambian Government Recognises Complimentary Role of Rotarians Globally

The Gambian president, His Excellency, President, Adama Barrow reiterated his Government recognition to the complimentary role that Rotarians around the globe and Rotarians in the country are undertaking to touch the lives of the various communities within The Gambia.

This statement was delivered by the Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources, Lamin B. Dibba on behalf of President Barrow as he addressed Rotarians during the five-day 6th District 9101 Assembly and Conference (DAC) which recently ended at the KairabaBeach  hotel. The theme for the convergence was: “Be The Inspiration” while the Motto of Rotary reads: “Service above Self; He profits Most Who Serves Best” which is an epitome of the work that Rotarians across the world are undertaking to help bring about a positive impact to the lives of people globally. As a Government Barrow went on, they are aware of various Gambian Rotary Clubs projects in the country such as a Science Lab project in Kanifing, 13 water and garden project in the Central River Region, ongoing medical equipment supplies to EFSTH, Burns Unit at Bansang hospital, Giborokuta water project that has brought portable safe drinking water to over 4, 000 inhabitants within the area, scholarships to post graduates for pursuance of studies in the area of Peace and Conflict Resolution. President Barrow said, in all these intervention as a government, they take pride in the support that Rotarians are lending to the communities for the realization of the country’s economic development programs within the framework of the National Development Plan (NDP). “Rotary efforts in the global eradication of Polio through Polio vaccination campaign and eradication of Malaria are indeed noble because District 9101 Malaria Committee is headed by a Gambian in the name of Dr. Emma Bruce,” Barrow stated. The Gambian leader believed that repositioning of Dr. Bruce leadership to the said committee will bring to District 9101 a new sense of purpose considering the havoc that malaria is wreaking within the confines of the ECOWAS borders.

He commended, Akiladi Jeremiah Allen for being the First Gambian Governor District 9101 and for successfully bringing the District Assembly and Conference (DAC), for the first time, to the shores of The Gambia.  “I am hopeful that there are other aspiring Rotarians in the country who will keep this aspiration going and as a Government, we urge the Rotary Clubs in the country and beyond to continue the good work they are doing and the positive changes they are bringing across the countries, communities and continents globally,” President Barrow ended. The outgoing Governor District 9101, Akiladi Jeremiah Allen informed his fellow Rotarian that there are five Rotary Clubs in the country namely; Banjul, Fajara, Brusubi, Bijilo and Kotu respectively. According to Mr. Allen, membership is vital for the effectiveness of their organization and he therefore, stated it is important for Rotarians to prioritize the expansion of their membership based. “Where membership is less than 25, I urge you (Rotarians) in the country to appoint Membership Committees and challenge them to recruit new members, of balanced gender and diversity, which are committed to propagate good work of Rotary,” Mr. Allen urged fellow Rotarians. The ceremony was attended by Cabinet Ministers and other dignitaries.

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