Gambia’s Lala Touray Is Setting The Agenda

Africans Rising Anti Corruption Championship has a lot to see displayed by some of Africa’s best talents as it reaches its Semi-finalists stage. The four finalists are from The Gambia, Kenya, Niger, and Congo DRC. The winner will leave for Tanzania in the end.

Lala Touray GambiaOur focus especially is on our own Gambian activist, poet and laureate of poetry, Lala Touray, a student from the University of The Gambia. She is with her word power, ranking the name of her motherland to the climax of the competition.

The Gambia on the shoulder of a 20 years old talent is viewed at a flag height in the fight against corruption in Africa and beyond.

Africans Rising is a Pan-African movement of people and institutions striving for justice, peace, and dignity. Among the achievable aims and objectives are to create an Africa wide solidarity and unity of purpose for the African people to build the future they want as unified societies. These include the right to peace, social inclusion and shared prosperity.

Setting the stage for the young activists and youth leaders like Lala Touray is another recommended track of thought for African youths like her to set the agenda and rebuild Africa.  As a poet, and an award winning poet, she found it necessary and a need to answer to the call of concern; therefore, amplifying the voice of the voiceless, children, poor, women and equally presenting the truth about corruption in her own way and style.

Lala is not a novice in this international talent contest simply because she has started working at the right time and at the right place. It is manifested in her activities with  kids and her status as a CEO at Kids Community Library Foundation. Lala’s coming home with the grand award is bright and achievable.  She has the content and the tools to win.  To reintroduce a project related to what she is competing for, is  the “Gambia in-depth “ , 2017, a project which she has used to sensitize and raise awareness about corruption, unemployment, poor education system, poverty , the culture of silence and bad governance in The Gambia

The youths, the University and The Gambia at large have endless hope and spirit that Lala the flag bearer will bring the trophy home. Our task therefore, is to contribute by voting for her on the page for Africans Rising Anti Corruption Championship and let Lala lead the rest.

Motivate the youths to build the nation.

By Musa Fadia

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