“I Never Knew it Was Cannabis”

The accused person in the ongoing drug trial Sheikh Tijan Jeng during cross examination told the court that he never knew that what Musa gave him was cannabis hence it was properly rapped and given to him.

Continuing cross examination at the Bundung Magistrate Court before Magistrate Njie, Mr Jeng further told the court that he was not arrested by the team of Narcotic officers but the task force adding that the CID officers searched him and found cannabis with him.

He added that the cannabis was found in his possession but it was owned by Musa who gave him to keep it while he goes to the office.

Prosecutor L.K. Bojang. of the DLEAG put it to Mr Jeng that he owns the cannabis and that is why it was found in his possession and knowing fully well that cannabis is illegal in the country.

“The distance between the office and the officers was very short why did you not alert them and show them what Musa gave you” L.K. Bojang put it to Mr. Jeng. “I could not because I never knew what Musa gave me was cannabis” said Mr.Jeng.

Mr.Jeng further revealed that he only has two witnesses and that only one is .around hence the court asks him to bring his witness on the next adjourned date.

Sheikh Tijan Jeng is charged with the possession of 20g of Cannabis on the 28th of July at Bundung and thereby committed an offence.

Matter is adjourned for continuation of defense.

By: Awa Gassama

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