Lamin Jarjue Is Impersonating An Alkalo: Says Chief Momodou Bojang

The Head Chief of Kombo North District describes self-proclaimed alkalo of Babylon’s actions as impersonation that can be tantamount to Obtaining money by false pretense, Conspiracy, Willful damage to property and Trespass.

Alhaji Momodou Bojang made this revelation during an exclusive interview with our reporter at his Sukuta residence recently, while 4 other Alkalos within the Babylon neighborhood also express similar sentiments.

According to Chief Bojang, the Government of The Gambia does not recognize Babylon as a village nor recognize Lamin Jarjue as the village head.

He categorically emphasized that Lamin Jarjue committed the crimes mentioned together with his team and he added “how can someone whose parents never settled in Kombo claim ownership of a land in the area?”

Chief Bojang explained that Lamin Jarjue has in his custody false documents which he paraded before pressmen at his recent press briefing with journalists at Babylon.

“Even the office of the former Governor, West Coast Region, under Musa Amul Nyassi issued press releases stating that “the Government of The Gambia did not recognize Babylon as a village” nor recognize Lamin Jarjue as the village head”, Chief Bojang revealed.

He informed our reporter that the current Minister of Local Government and Lands, Musa Drammeh in December 2018 and himself (Bojang) as Kombo North Chief invited Lamin Jarjue to discuss the Babylon issue but he (Lamin Jarjue) did not honor the invitation.

It is good news he went on, to be informed that through his chieftaincy, Babylon residents paid their 2017-18 rate tax to Brikama Area Council (BAC).

Chief Bojang said whoever paid his/her tax was given a serial number instead of compound number by Brikama Area Council adding that no country can develop without tax.

The four alkalos (village heads) from Mandinaring, Kerewan, Lamin and MaKumbaya gave account of how Babylon came into existence.

According to them, Babylon was named after one of FahCeesay’s grandparent’s herdsmen by the name Ba Billo Bah. He (Bah Billo Bah) was with his two brothers Biggie Bah and Gallo Bah both herdsmen in the same area.

According to the 4 alkalos, all what Jarjue was saying about Babylon was unfounded thus stressing that none of his parents ever settled in Babylon.

The alkalos further stressed that the documents in Jarjue’s possession regarding Babylon are not authentic but he paraded them to mislead the general public.

They challenged Jarjue to produce his appointment as alkalo of Babylon in order to back his claim that he is the legitimate alkalo of Babylon, while stating that the record of Babylon as a village cannot be traced in any office in the country especially at the Local Gov’t Ministry and WCR Governor’s Office.

According to them, Jarjue never inherited any land from his parents at Babylon nor was Babylon in the Gambia National Gazette noting that both Jammeh’s and Barrow’s Governments conducted their investigation as to whether Babylon is a recognizable village or not.

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