Let Common Sense Reign Over Emotions!

Over the past few days I have seen so much posts, comments, videos and tags about the current happenings in our mother land The Gambia (The Smiling Coast). 22 years had been a long wait and a lot had happened during this period… the good, the bad and the ugly.

My question is we ready to march towards the new dawn of #NewGambia that we had wish to see and make it “great again”! (In my Donald Trump Voice). Nobody is saying we need to forgive, forget and move on but we would all agree that calling for revenge wouldn’t make us any way better than those we accused of perpetuating the crimes/injustices we want to revenge.

The fact that we have come together as a nation and peacefully choose a leader without any violence, it will be more mature if we allow for the peaceful transfer of power from the incumbent to the President Elect and now it becomes his responsibility in consultation with the Gambian people for the way forward. History have always shown us that two wrongs can never be right, so for the best is for a “TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION” to allow the victims and their families have a closure and move on with their lives.

That commission would also allow the accused own up to their crimes and seek for forgiveness and resettle in society. When we look back at history we can learned from few examples in which peace and reconciliation was taken and today those nations and their people have gone to be great again. Allow me bring in few examples from the many we have come to learn or know of;

  • The Holy Prophet Mohammad was exile from his place of birth Makkah by his own people and yet he came back with the loud voice of peace and reconciliation, when he could opted for revenge with all the military might he had at his disposal and today we can all attest to the greatness of Saudi Arabia (In particular the city of Makkah)
  • Nelson Mandela and South Africa; Grand Pa Madiba was incarcerated for almost 28 years and most of those years was in in solidarity confinement but when he came out of jail and ascend to the highest office of that land, he choose national reconciliation and setup the “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission” which have help heal the country and today there is peaceful coexistence among blacks, whites, Indians and other ethnicities in the great land of the Rainbow.
  • Paul Kagame and people of Rwanda had also choose “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to help them move on and today Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economy in Africa, their infrastructure is booming and everyone is all happy again.

To asked the VICTIMS and their families to Forget would be adding salt, pepper and lime to an old injury saying you are helping fast-track the healing process, which no one has authority to do, but as a people of FAITH either Muslim or Christian we can seek for thy FORGIVENESS as preach by our two peaceful religions both in the Holy Quran and Holy Bible. In the #NewGambia the task ahead is huge and it becomes the responsivity of everyone to collectively contribute in building a more; Tolerant society in which we peacefully live side by side.

A more open governance system in which The Executive, The Judiciary and The Legislature each has an INDEPENDENT functions but work along in ushering a #NewGambia.  A liberal economy with fairness in trade and business far from government interference, but it become the sole responsibility of the market itself that dictates the rates of our currency against the major global currencies.

  • A system of government which allows and subsidize a free press, civil society, educate and empower its citizens to enable them held elected officials and civil servants accountable.
  • A society in which the sick have access to proper medical care.
  • A judiciary that believes in the rule of law and tamper justice without fear or favor, affection or ill will.
  • A government that respects the rights of its citizens and most importantly empower WOMEN and CHILDREN in achieving their DREAMS.
  • A government that treats every citizen as EQUALS and not “You are either with us or against us”
  • A government that empowers the OPPOSITION and goes to the extent of creating the post of (Leader of The Opposition) with benefits and personal security, vehicle, diplomatic passport, invited to state functions and in constant consultation with regards to issues of national interest.

For The Gambia Our Homeland, we have a nation to build!

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