“Let Justice Guide Our Actions, Towards The Common Good”

The above quote is taken from our national anthem and if only we lived to its true meaning, then we would have been each other’s keeper. For years I have seen my country men/women been divided by politics and of late we are leaning towards tribal and religious lines. Once we stop the notion of I am, I am and head towards the notion of we are, we are then I see us reaching our aim of a better Gambia in which we all would love each other like our own selves.

They have made it us (Those in The Gambia) and them (The so-called cyber warriors),we have been called names, just for choosing to be peace loving citizens who sacrifice their everything for the development of this great country of ours. History has shown us that no single country can develop in the absent of peace, and that makes me wonder sometimes how genuine some of us who claim to love The Gambia are. When all we do on a daily basis is to talk negative and wish bad to happen to our country and its people.

Politics is not about hate preaching, instigating violence but rather a civilized debate of intellectuals and positive minds, but when people who claim to have the welfare of the masses spend their valuable time to instigate the same people they claim to love to put their lives on the line just for regime change. Then something is wrong somewhere or they lack the political majority that we expect from someone who wants to lead his/her people.

Let us always remember as individuals and collectively that the power to choose a leader lies with the majority and not one individual or a group of people, and for that reason we are all free to join any group but also respect the choice of others who don’t buy into your philosophy. Gambia is bigger than any one group and for that reason we should always put the interest of The Gambia first in whatever we do or thought of, Presidents and governments will come and go but The Gambia as a country and its people will forever stay intact. Just because you feel someone or a group shouldn’t be at the helm of affairs of a country should not be the mere reason you go on a negative propaganda against the country.

Yes I agreed we are cowards for not following your devilish wish for us to go out on the street and overthrow a government that was elected by majority of our countrymen, I know you will go on to question the free and fairness of the election process but I excuse myself from defending the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) for they have a PRO to do that. We also can say you (The so call cyber warriors) are more of a coward than us, because for us at least we are brave to stay here and live under the system, while you ran to a foreign country and hide behind the computer to attack innocent citizens who have nothing to do with your choice of being a refugee in another country. Mandela was not in America enjoying life while instigating his people to change the system for him but rather he was there all through with them.

I am not a member or sympathizer of any political group but rather a citizen of The Gambia who has the love for his country and its people at heart and nothing would change that for eternity In Shia Allah, in as much as we have different political BELIEVES and ideology but what remains a fact is that we are Gambians and what joins us should be stronger that what should divide us. One thing is clear Gambians have live together peacefully for decades and forever we shall peacefully coexist till the end of time.

For years we have been made to believe that anyone who supports/sympathize with the government is an enabler and anyone who supports/sympathize with the opposition is unpatriotic, either way it might not be the case as for everyone has the right to associate to any group or political ideology. This shouldn’t be the case in any civilized society in which people adhere to the true values of democracy and the principle of country before self, we have come far since independence and generations before us had done their part and transferred to us a peaceful country and peace loving people.

Gambia has been a peaceful country and its people have been peace loving and for that we are call THE SMILING COAST and for every smile is genuine, you (So-call cyber worriers can go on to insult us, call us hypocrites, enablers and so on but what matters to us is what and how can we contribute positively in making Gambia a more develop country that would be an icon for a lot of countries in the sub-region. Allah (S.W.T) is with the peaceful people and that’s the more reason all your bad intentions towards a country that has given you so much had failed and will continue to fail for so long as you continue to harbor hateful intentions towards this peaceful country. We should always remember this has nothing to do with POLITICS but rather the bigger picture which is Gambia that has given us everything we are today, and it’s our turn to pay her back with good and be grateful.

In has much as I am firm believer and advocate for a genuine DEMOCRACY in which people should be free to exercise their right guaranteed by the constitution, in the same vain I am against any unconstitutional means of removing a government elected by the people. I am with the option that “My VOTE is my voice”.

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