Moving Forward With The Times

As we wish our readership a happy New year, our goal continues to inform you of events as they happen in our country as they affect our lives and aspirations.  2018 has not in any way done a lot to help the common man in the streets.

The Price of commodities such as rice has not gone down as promised by the status quo. Nawec has improved significantly but more needs to be done. Government has spent far too much on travelling especially on the side of the President.

The measure it took to curtail civil servants from travelling was not the remedy rather it added more frustrations on the civil service. Yes, salaries have been increased but correspondingly the price of goods and services has also gone up. We have the OIC ahead of us and I am wondering where and when do we start? Hosting the OIC is a mega plus for the Gambia and we need to prioritize it.

We must put our act together, so that we can achieve whatever tasks and targets we set ourselves. 2018 had grave incidents such as occurred in Faraba Bantang and Busumbala, the Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation of which justice candidly and honestly speaking need fair dealings. Politically this year will see a lot of political activity and it will accelerate into election year 2021.

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