Countdown To The Coalition Agreement 1Yr. 13Days

UDP leader and Vice-President Ousainou Darboe is on record vowing to go to court in the event anyone tried to implement the three year coalition agreement. But today, UDP supporters are in the forefront calling for President Barrow to step down after three years. The accusation of alleged attempted bribery of lawmakers was made by […]

Countdown To The Coalition Agreement – 1Yr. 20 Days

Disappointment and betrayal are among the most trending words in Gambian political discussion these days. Many of the original eight-member coalition parties represented in the cabinet have either been sacked or relegated to some insignificant advisory role. The persistent topic whether President Adama Barrow should serve three or five years has resurfaced. This time, bizarrely, […]

Countdown To The Coalition Agreement – 1Yr. 27 Days

President Barrow did tell a Turkish TV and we quote: “When I toured the country as my party’s candidate that turned everything in The Gambia. My crowd was the biggest crowd ever in the history of that country. It was with my party, it was not with the coalition. That forced everybody to the [negotiation] […]

Countdown To The Coalition Agreement – 1 Yr. 1 Month. 24 Days

President Barrow’s public announcement he is a UDP President and that the UDP should have no cause to nominate a new presidential candidate against him sounds rather incomprehensible to understand. IEC did you hear that? Are your hands tied or don’t you remember that in the manifesto presented by the Coalition flag-bearer it did spell […]