Countdown To The Coalition Agreement – 1Yr. 2Mons. 8 Days

The departed U.S. ambassador to The Gambia Patricia Aslup, did recall that the coalition government led by President Adama Barrow promised to serve a transition period of three years. “But I did understand that many people who voted for the coalition also recognise that the constitution sets the term to five years,” “I think, I, […]

Countdown to the Coalition Agreement – 1Yr. 3Mons. 6 Days

As we continue to sample people’s opinion on the subject matter, in this edition, we hear the views of the Honourable Ousman Sillah PDOIS Assembly Member for Banjul North. We entered a gentleman’s agreement for a purpose, casting aside our different political agenda to change the then dispensation and to strengthen the peoples resolve that […]

Countdown To Coalition Agreement – 1yr. 3mons. 20 Days

The Gambia Today’s Lamin Darboe has been sampling the opinion of Gambians on the Coalition 2016 agreement. Ebrima L.S. Marenah  – Politician/businessman-Kudang village in CRR/South said Barrow should continue his Presidency within these five-years to come in order to complete his mission. “As a politician we Gambians voted for five years not three years and […]