Will We Continue To Fail Our Prophets?

Prophets are never honoured in the land of their birth, but in foreign they are worship and honoured, this could be said of the Legendary Icon of Senegambian Music and Culture Musa Afia Ngum. For I had asked myself why? In The Gambia we don’t cherish our very own but would give our lives and […]

Wages Go Up And So Does The Price Of Commodities

In delivering the budget speech, Finance Minister, Hon. Mamburay Njie, last Friday noted that it is pertinent and pleasing to communicate government’s intention to increase salaries by 50 percent and pensions by 100 percent effective January 2019-this strictly applied only to civil servants on the integrated pay scale. This comes as a welcome news but […]

“Let Justice Guide Our Actions, Towards The Common Good”

The above quote is taken from our national anthem and if only we lived to its true meaning, then we would have been each other’s keeper. For years I have seen my country men/women been divided by politics and of late we are leaning towards tribal and religious lines. Once we stop the notion of […]

Letter From The Diaspora

Ever had the feeling that you knew a country before even visiting it? Well, that was me and Gambia; my father was born there but, like me he grew up in Sierra Leone. Family connections being responsible for that accident of birth. This, however, did not stop him talking fondly of ‘Bathurst, Gambia’, a place […]

Time For Party Caucus

December 2018 is here and no doubt it is time for serious politicking as political parties go to congress. So much has happened and so much has been said. All the Parties go to the drawing board to heal their wounds, re-arm and get ready to fight it out. Will it be 2019 or 2021? […]

Adama Barrow Has No Power Over Gambians

It is indeed very scary and extremely disappointing to hear Chief Servant Adama Barrow claim that he has more power than Tyrant Yaya Jammeh simply because, just like Yaya Jammeh, he also owns the security institutions of this country as well as ECOMIG. That statement is utterly false, ignorant and a clear betrayal of the […]

Let Common Sense Reign Over Emotions!

Over the past few days I have seen so much posts, comments, videos and tags about the current happenings in our mother land The Gambia (The Smiling Coast). 22 years had been a long wait and a lot had happened during this period… the good, the bad and the ugly. My question is we ready […]

Faith & Destiny

A person’s FAITH is tested throughout his/her life, stay ALERT in all situations of your life. Sometimes we are so much down that a lot comes to our mind, thinking it’s the only solution to bring us back on our feet. You might feel like the world is crashing on you or someone has put […]