Love and Freedom

We need to follow our freedom. Then we will understand everything. To allow others to be what they are, and do what they do. And know that we can say yes. And no. Even to the ones closest to us, the ones we esteem above all others. Freedom is also freeing others of our expectations. […]

The Death That Changed My Life Forever

I wrote this article as a tribute to one person who had played a very important role in my life and that of my mother and siblings. Uncle Pap Saine is a younger brother to my mother (Ya Fatou Saine) and both are the children of Ebrahim Saine (Mbanta) and Awa Njie (Medina Serign Mass). […]

Tobaski Nostalga

Growing up, Tobaski has been one feast I had always looked up to. Knowing that I would be having a new Haftan, Laaka Yappa (Roast meat) but also the fun of going around the village (Mbanta) pretending to be visiting family but on the whole what took us there was nothing but saliboo… lol. Over […]

Tribalism Has No Place In The New Gambia

It’s sad to accept but it’s a reality in our Gambia, but you know all of the people engaged in such acts are ignorant and suffering from low self-esteem and they need help. It’s found in every group and not specific to one but the reality they will fail like those before them and the […]

Thought For The Day

“When you begin to judge yourself less and love yourself more, you will begin to judge others less and love them more, too! A powerful thought to take to sleep with you”.  We are human beings. We take wrong turns, we make mistakes and we fall short. And through it all, we learn, we make […]