Senegalo-Gambian Women’s Federation Initiate Co-operation On Agricuture & Related Activities.

The Executive Director of Women’s Bureau, Fanta Bai Secka has been meeting a delegation of the Senegalo-Gambia Women’s Federation. The visit aimed at strengthening the partnership that exists between the two countries National Women’s Federations. The two bodies with a common goal based on their homogeneity intend to work together in areas such as agriculture, […]

New Women’s Council Inaugurated

The vice president and minister of Women’s Affairs has inaugurated the new National Women’s Council at the Kairaba Beach Hotel. The council consists of women councilors from all around the country. The council was created by an act of Parliament in 1980 to serve as an advisory body to government on women issues such as […]

Women Need To Make Their Own Decisions

Another Women Council has just been inaugurated, and this time under the UDP- Led coalition.  Yet the marginalization of women in the African continent continues unabated. The political landscape calls for women’s political participation to bring legitimacy to government and reinforce democracy in its real and practicable form. Women’s participation renders validity and trust in […]

Women In Decision Making & Access To Political Office

Throughout history, women who constitute fifty percent of global populations are underrepresented in decision-making processes at all governance levels around the world and even they are dominated and marginalized politically, socially, economically, physically and psychologically by their counter parts. Women have been denied equal access to education, training and gainful employment opportunities and their involvement […]