President Barrow To Receive Faraba Commission Report

The Chairperson of the Faraba Commission Emmauel Joof will today present his report relating to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into the Faraba Banta incident.

The commission set up by the President Adama Barrow was to independently look into the circumstances that led to the death of civilians in Faraba Bantang for a speedy dispensation of justice and accountability.

As part of its mandate the Commission was to investigate the circumstances leading to the standoff between the villagers of Faraba Bantang and the Police Intervention Unit Investigate the circumstances that led to the injuries and fatalities in Faraba Bantang and identify the those responsible for the deaths, including those who may have ordered the firings and those who fired the shots. It was also tasked to recommend measures to prevent a recurrence of the circumstances that led to the stand-off in Faraba Bantang

as well as measures to prevent an occurrence of the incident in Faraba Bantang and other parts of the country.

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