President Barrow’s Tactical Appointments And The Sacking Ofl UDP Spokesperson Almamy Faal From The OIC Secretariat

President Adama Barrow is strategically playing ping pong by bringing in back the man he dismissed as Interior Minister without spilling the beans as to why he sacked him.

Mai Ahmad Fatty is back in business; this time as a “SPECIAL ADVISER” to the President. Mai Fatty was relieved from his position effective  Friday, 10 November 2017. He was one of the first batch of President Barrow’s Cabinet that was sworn-in in February 2017. He fell victim of becoming the first minister to be relieved of his Cabinet duties.

Fatty has always denied any wrongdoing. One may wonder why Fatty a member of a crumbled coalition government has been recalled to serve in this position. Fatty like other sacked ministers should be men of integrity and make it clear to the status quo that the government is a coalition government made up by parties that gave their mandate to President Barrow. The idea of bouncing back and forth does not befit any former Minister that served in the coalition government.

Why be recycled?  This paper has learnt that Mai Fatty replaces Yusupha Cham who has been fired from his senior political adviser post but with the decorative title  ” Special Advise” Meanwhile former APRC activist in Kombo North Musa Suso has been strategically appointed as Deputy Governor West Coast Region. Suso held this position before and was also national Assembly member for the APRC representing Kombo North Constituency.

Before his appointment as Deputy Governor of WCR, Suso served as presidential adviser for youths to President Barrow. Suso it could be recalled was convicted and jailed for eight years for trying to traffic a suitcase full of cannabis to Europe by a local magistrate in May 2001.

In another development, the legal adviser at the secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Almamy Taal, has been relieved of his duty. Taal was also spokesperson for the United Democratic Party that is at present on serious policy clashes with the President. Taal’s dismissal this paper understands came from President Barrow amid speculations that Taal has not been supportive of President Barrow’s policies.

Tension continues to brew between the UDP and President Barrow as some UDP members in government are losing their positions. Despite vowing to challenge the termination of his two-year contract, the deed is already done and it is quite a blow to the UDP.

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