Prince Ibrahim Sanyang Appears Before The Janneh Commission

Prince Ibrahim Sanyang, a business tycoon, appeared before the Janneh Commission in connection to companies he operated or was about to operate in the country.

Prior to dwelling on the subject matter, he was asked to explain how he got the title of prince.  In response, he said he was traditionally crowned as a prince. He added that he is professionally an Investment banker and an Economist, noting that he is the custodian of Kitisoto and eight other secret sites at Batelling, Lower River Region, and Kiang West District.

According to him, his title dates back to the Mali and Karbou empires. At this juncture, Chairman Sourahata Janneh asked him whether as a professional investment banker, he owns a bank. He responded that it did not necessary mean that he owns a bank. Again, Chairman Sourahata Janneh asked him whether he owns a bank, and he repeated his previous answer.

As a result, Chairman Sourahata Janneh told him that he had to be discipline because he is a prince.  Then he told the commission that he did not own a bank.

At this juncture, Commissioner Saine put it to him that being an investment banker, does not make him a banker. Then in reply, he said Saine’s understanding was limited.

Consequently, Chairman Sourahata Janneh intervened and told him that ever since the commission started, they had never used their power to deal with undisciplined people, and that if any king sat before the commission, they would treat him the same way. He further told him that he was at the commission to answer questions and not to ask questions.

Chairman Janneh also told him that they are not afraid of anyone appearing before the commission.

On Royal Africa Capital Holdings Limited, he told the commission that he’s the owner and has 90% share while Mr. Sanna Jaiteh and Seedy Darboe are also shareholders. He added that he gave Ansoumana Jammeh 10% nominal share but took the share from him.

At this juncture, Counsel Bensouda showed him some bank accounts from Eco Bank and told him that all the accounts indicated that Ansoumana Jammeh was a signatory to the accounts. In response, he said some of the accounts were dormant. He disclosed that they removed Ansoumana Jammeh from those accounts.

He was again shown Africana Financial Services document, which he confirmed. He said the company operated in The Gambia and the property where it was operating from is his, noting that he is not operating from Ansoumana Jammeh’s property.

At this juncture, Counsel Bensouda told him that he told Augustus Prom that the property from where he was operating belongs to Ansoumana Jammeh which he denied.

He alleged that he gave Ansoumana Jammeh the sum of D1.5m to buy the property for him and he started putting up some buildings to run his businesses. However, he revealed to the commission that he was not provided with a title deed but a mere receipt only and that Africana Financial Service is not operating because it has been closed down by the government.

On Africana Airways, he said it operated as a company and it had a plane, noting that one aircraft came to The Gambia and that all the aircraft went through GCAA for certification.

It was put to him by Counsel Bensouda that since September 2016 there was no transaction in some of the accounts. In response, he said his life was threatened and was asked to pay D10, 000,000 which he said was an executive directive. He said as a result, he left the country but later came back in December 2016 to continue his business.

Mrs. Bensouda at this juncture put it to him that Augustus Prom said that his companies were yet to operate and that they were dormant. In response, he said he did not say so.

Mr. Sanyang told the commission that he did not have micro-finance license; adding that the processing of his aircraft was not completed because of the freeze on his properties.

He further adduced that he was not given a license to operate radio and television stations, stating that Africana Insurance Company could not proceed to operate because of the freezing of his companies.

At this juncture, Mrs. Bensouda put it to him that there were copies at the office of the registrar of companies to show that Ansoumana Jammeh’s shares had been rescinded. Documents relating to his companies were tendered and admitted as exhibits.

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