Project Aid & Peace Village Return 5 Children To Their Parents After Treatment In Germany

Five boys aged between 5 and 12 arrived in the Gambia over the weekend from Germany where they underwent treatment in various ailments ranging from abdominal distension to cardiac diseases amongst others.

One of the kids Muhammed Lamin Camara was suffering from severe congenital malformation of bladder atrophy. His treatment lasted for a year.

Handing over the Children to their parents Peace Village paediatrician, Meike Wordermann gave a detailed analysis of the treatment the kids went through and the follow up medication they have to go through upon returning home.

He noted that some of them will have to return to Germany for further treatment especially those that underwent surgery.

Dr.Azadeh who is consulting Doctor for Project Aid gave a brief background to the work being carried out by Project Aid and the German based NGO Peace Village.

He explained that Project Aid has always opened its doors to kids with ailments that cannot be cured here to be flown to Germany. This has been going on for quite some time now and many children have benefitted from this project.

He thanked Peace Village for their positive collaboration with project Aid the Gambia.

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