Project Aid & Riverboat Doctors International Inaugurate New Staff Quarters At Buniadu Health Center

In their bid to enhance the dispensation of health services in the North Bank region, the German NGO project Aid in collaboration with Riverboat Doctors International on Thursday inaugurated a double housing complex for its European and Gambian medical staff at the Buniadu health center in NBR.

Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Regional Senior administrator for Health, North Bank West, Ousman Camara applauded the development describing it as a significant step in enhancing timely and readily available medicare to the people of Buniadu and its surroundings.

“Building the health facility at its strategic location is a welcome relief which is serving patients who would have been congesting other health centers and now with the addition of the staff residential quarters one can only be grateful to the donors, as the staff will be greatly motivated” Mr. Camara posited.

The Chairman of Project Aid and Gambia’s Ambassador at Large Matthias Kettler in his remarks gave a brief history on project Aid’s intervention in making the health center what it is today. He recalled that two years ago when their assistance was sought they found the center closed because the people who were operating it fell ill and had to return to Germany.

Mr. Kettler said Some elders in Buniadu were taken to see the health center in Jahally which Project Aid was running so as to gain their confidence and also impressed upon them that they will provide the Buniadu Health facility with quality drugs, qualified German Doctors and also train Gambians to deliver health care.

That promise has been kept alive and today Buniadu health center is delivering quality health services by qualified Gambians to over 90 patients daily at a cheaper cost.

Mr. Kettler added that the Staff quarters will make the staff feel at home and make their service delivery more effective. Christian of Riverboat Doctors International said more improvements will be carried out at the facility in the coming years and called on the community to take full advantage of the services provided for them by the partnership between Project Aid and Riverboat Doctors international.

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