PW3 Testifies In Alleged Drug Case

The Third Prosecution Witness (PW3) on the alleged ongoing drug case, Musa Sambou a narcotic officer attached at the Bundung Magistrate Court, over the weekend testified against the accused person one Omar Gibba before Magistrate Njie at the Bundung Magistrate’s court.

Omar Gibba is charged with the possession of 8g 02mg of Cannabis Sativa on the 28th of February at Bundung Police Station.

In his testimony Mr.Sambou told the court that he was assigned by his Station Officer to escort the accused person Mr.Gibba to the weight and measure office in Banjul to weigh the suspected cannabis.

He added that upon arrival the suspected cannabis was removed from the bag and weighed in the presence of Mr Gibba and a weight certificate was issued to them on which he and the weight officer signed and thumb printed by the accused as well.

“I will identify the weight certificate by recognizing my name and signature said Mr.Sambou” but Mr.Gibba denied recognizing the certificate saying he can remember he thumb printed a document but can’t really tell if the document shown at the court was the said certificate he thumb printed.

The weight certificate was tendered in court and marked as exhibit B.

During cross examination, Mr.Gibba revealed that two of them were escorted to the weight and measures office in Banjul but Mr.Sambou denied it saying it was more than two persons. Mr Sambou revealed that he can’t recall the type of shirt Mr Gibba wore on that very day.

The matter is adjourned to the 13th of September for hearing of PW4.

By: Awa Gassama

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