The Real Meaning Of Life Exists Not In Choosing The Correct Path But In Creating One.

#TRRC is becoming interesting after watching three (3) witnesses I can see some have mastered the witness scripts of the #JannehCommision Movie Tittle: #TheVictimCard.

The only person who with utmost RESPECT stood up for his conviction all through the end is Ebrima Chongan and I believe his story needs to be documented for posterity (generations to come can learn what it means to be a good citizen). In the case of Suwareh I respect him for being truthful on the roles he played to make the coup succeed but I don’t buy a bit in his assertion that “he did what he did to protect life and Property” I think the guy had some resentment about the PPP government and saw an opportunity to get at them by defying the orders of his seniors.

For Sheriff Gomez I pity with him what he went through all during the period but what I can’t understand is why after all the ordeals he still served the same government to the post of minister, despite everything I think accepting to work under them justifies their actions, the notion of “I was serving my country” is a personal choice for one can serve your country at a different capacity if you don’t agree with the system. It’s true Gambians collectively must owned up to the 22 years of brutality but those who served the system and most especially those entrusted with the powers to formulate the very policies that the system used during the period must bear the greatest responsibility.

Lessons learnt:

Victims can turn perpetrators and perpetrators turn victims, but what is certain history will always vindicate and immortalised those who stood on the cause of the TRUTH.

Like the #JannehComission the #TRRC would reveal the other side of our society in which we people only speak against certain happenings unless it comes close to home, I hope our society is learning from the revelations from both commissions to avoid it’s repetition in future.

If we are to live by the slogan “NEVER AGAIN” in our history, then we must live by the words “THE TRUTH SHALL ALWAYS MAKE YOU FREE”. We are a nation of forgiving people and we can only move on if after knowing the truth, the perpetrators MUST accept their part in the pains they caused to many and seek forgiveness and the victims must learned to forgive and move on.

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