Rebuilding Banjul

Banjul is in an utterly unacceptable sewage and sanitation condition that has to be fixed. The Poor sewage and sanitation is what gives rise to the flooding of vital roads in the city.

The situation is a “Public hazard” and among the things that this government and council need to address is to allocate those promised resources to purchase new trucks, solicit private sector support to work with residents at the ward and home level to ensure garbage is appropriately collected and disposed off as an urgent short term measure while the authorities draw up a longer term waste management strategy that would be built on sustainable, modern and efficient planning and operation.

On infrastructure, the city needs a thorough overhaul from the streets, sewage, housing and public spaces. Banjul needs a massive multi-year infrastructure investment that would require the engagement and full support of the Central Government.

Council should engage central government and in doing so submit a detailed modernization and rebuilding blueprint that aims to make Banjul the capital its residents and nation deserves. This detailed plan would solicit professional input from Gambians in and out of the country with expertise in city planning, structural and other engineering fields, project management specialists, environmentalists, businesses and all other stakeholders.

With a such a detailed plan in hand, council can make a strong case for the required partnership from central government which from the mere walk about by President Barrow to some areas of the city there seems to be some commitment  to develop the nation’s capital

Garbage collection in public places will be key to maintaining a clean and safe city and council need to carry that out effectively, especially at the market. Council with the assistance of central government will have to build enough toilets and pipe-borne water taps.

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