Senegalo-Gambian Women’s Federation Initiate Co-operation On Agricuture & Related Activities.

The Executive Director of Women’s Bureau, Fanta Bai Secka has been meeting a delegation of the Senegalo-Gambia Women’s Federation. The visit aimed at strengthening the partnership that exists between the two countries National Women’s Federations. The two bodies with a common goal based on their homogeneity intend to work together in areas such as agriculture, fisheries, processing and housing for needy women.

The Executive Director applauded the initiative and emphasised that women empowerment is one of the Gambia Governments’ priority areas and a critical enabler of the NDP.

She explained that the government has put similar initiatives in place to facelift the relationship between the two countries as well as measures for sister ministries to work together.

The head of the Senegalese delegation Madam Tine Mandoye Ndoye highlighted the need for women empowerment noting that women bear the brunt of care giving and high levels of poverty.

Aji Mariam Secka representative of the National Federation of Gambian Women expressed delight and added that the NFGW has members in dire need and such initiatives will improve women’s economic power and reduce dependency.

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