Statement By GDC On President Barrow’s Threatening Remarks

The GDC has learnt with great shock and disappointment that the President of the Republic Adama Barrow made some threatening remarks saying that he has more power than former President Yahya Jammeh.

He was quoted as saying: “Gambians were afraid of Jammeh because he had the police, the army, and SIS. I have more power because I have the police, the army, SIS and the ECOMIG forces.” This statement not only threaten our people and our democracy but has also proven that President Barrow has dictatorial tendencies.

Mr. President instead of priotising our development needs and strengthening our young democracy, you are focused on how to get a second term and dividing the nation by inviting regional and tribal groups.  The GDC therefore regard this statement as repulsive and threatening in the most callous manner by invoking that that ECOMIG forces are here for you to possibly use in your quest to take repressive measures against the Gambian people.

Mr. Barrow you also told the people of Foni to understand that you are the president of The Gambia and that Foni is within the Gambia which they should accept. This statement is uncalled for and seemed inappropriate, instead you should have addressed the people of your native Jimara where you have lost every election you ever contested. We therefore remind you that the ECOMIG forces are here for the security of every Gambian and not as a tool at your disposal for use to repress and threaten Gambians.

I call upon the ECOWAS, AU, EU and the US to dialogue with President Adama Barrow to desist from issuing such threats to the people of this nation. We have a young democracy to nurture and a nation to build.

Enough is enough!

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