The Connie Tucker Legacy Youth Leadership & Performing Arts Camp

The Connie Tucker Legacy Youth Leadership & Performing Arts Camp is a youth programme for youth ages 12-18.  It focuses on the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement L.A.C.E.S. philosophy, which stands for leadership, academics, culture, economics and spirituality.

The camp is taking place at Kairaba Hotel and will end October 26.  During the camp  young people will converge from 12-4pm to learn a number of talents that include writing, drama, poetry, arts and crafts, African Dancing, Drumming, singing, and television and film production. African history is also taught to instill a strong value of self-love and self-identity.

Youths are encouraged to start a personal journal to assist them with their development in the process. The end of the camp, family and friends will be invited to a production featuring the youth and the skills they have learned during the performance camp. According to the organisers the target is 30-80 youth.

With a fee of D1500 per child for the four weeks most of the youths are being sponsored by Companies and philanthropists. This will give talented youth from low income communities the opportunity to participate regardless of economic status.

The camp is being organized by international publicist, journalist, youth activist Olimatta Taal, O.R.G.  She has a strong background in theatre, music, and grassroots organizing.

Since the age of 13, Ms. Taal was a member of the Black Belt Arts & Culture Center where she began to groom her talent as a performer and orator.

Ms. Taal has toured the world performing, speaking, and organizing young people.  Her work includes her co-founding  youth organizations like the Straight Up, Ujima Youth Collective, Youth Task Force, Sizzla Youth Foundation, and Connie Tucker Legacy Foundation.  She also has worked in the business side of the music industry with Sizzla, Tarrus Riley,Etana, Alborosie, Dead Prez,Outkast, and more.  The goal is to now use the knowledge through Ms. Taal’s expertise and experience to work with youth in The Gambia. For more information, to participate or to sponsor to assist us in making this camp a reality contact 250-9257 or  9911486  or

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