Thought For The Day

“When you begin to judge yourself less and love yourself more, you will begin to judge others less and love them more, too! A powerful thought to take to sleep with you”. 

We are human beings. We take wrong turns, we make mistakes and we fall short. And through it all, we learn, we make amends and we grow. And then we simply must allow ourselves to move beyond our regrets and our disappointments into the warm light of self- forgiveness.

Tonight let go of any self- judgments or critical thoughts that keep you stuck in the past, and sleep your way toward morning. Another chance to give it a go will be waiting for you tomorrow.

We can only grow if we learn from the MISTAKES we made along the way in search of who we are, don’t HATE yourself for your short comings but learn from them and don’t allow it to hold you back.

It may seem difficult knowing we lived in a society that is very judgemental and sets the bar so high for who they thought we ought to be, but knowing that because we are humans sets the limitations to attain PERFECTION statues that everyone including ourselves thinks we need to be.

Wanting to portray a perfect life has in the process destroyed so many souls whom if   left the way they were, could have discovered their true self and that could #SparkTheThought that would light the greatness in them. Never allow anyone/thing define you by the MISTAKES we made in life but rather we must endeavour to acknowledge them, learn from it and grow from them to be the better version of ourselves.

I may not be the perfect person to #SparkTheThought In you reading this article but remember I believe in you and with your great potential to be better version of yourself that will go on to #ShineTheLight.

At the END we all should remember PERFECTION is an attribute of the omnipresent and omnipotent, and can’t be attained by man. Don’t lose yourself trying to live the life of another person.

Write The FUTURE! I will never lose you. Why? Because I never had you. Moving on to better days ahead…Have a wonderful weekend…!

By Dabakh Malick 

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