URR Senior Custom Officer Raise Concern Over Border Management Issues

The Deputy Customs Manager attached to Basse Custom post Mr.Bubacarr Bojang has reiterated some of the challenges faced by customs at the border and called on the need to ensure effective border Management system in place across the border.

He said effective border management system is a major concerns  to his office  as customs officers considering the travelers and traders moving on a daily basis some with unauthentic documents that need verification to avoid fasciations documents  or fraudulent documents that are flagged at the point of entry.

He made this remarked shortly after the official  opening  of a two days regional tax seminar held in Basse recently on a side discussion organized by GRA

According to the Senior custom officer ,Mr.Bojang some of the challenges faced at the border include risks of smuggling , illegal migration and terrorism through unpatrolled and undesignated routes, lack of cooperation with the sister agencies operating at the border for enforcement of the concept of one stop post for the timely at speedy clearance of passenger travelers.

Mr.Bojang went on to suggest that for effective and efficient border management to be carry out adequate resources should be provided in the area of materials, financial and training of customs officials is key to boost their capacities to overcome the challenges, thereby ensuring and upholding effective border control management at all time.

He further recommended that inter-agency  dialogue should be encourage  nurtured and strengthen at  the border as the objectives  are the same so that agencies can complement the efforts of each other for a better and coherent  border management and that could serve as a stimulant to catapult to mutual understanding and cooperation  and thus lead to effective customs border management .

Mr.Bojang went further to said an effective and efficient border management  in place would positively contribute to the ease of doing business and could serve to encourage traders in the sub region to increase  their volume.  He also cited that in addition to all border management is assure by identifying gaps by means of comprehensive border assessments, targeted and tailored.

Still regarding the issues of border management Mr. Bojang explained that it is the duty of the states to have a strong interest in facilitating legimate form of migration, movement of goods and services across the border.  He also stated that it is also a responsibility for states to protect their citizens and national, interest, subject to applicable international law.

He cited that with terrorist activity on the rise since 1990s, states have also been under growing pressure to defect possible terrorist, smugglers and criminal and prevent them from crossing international borders.

He concluded that comprehensive and well function border management structures can help achieve that balance , encompassing both security and facilitation of legitimate cross border flows of people and goods.

By Adama Jallow

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