Where Were You?

‘’One of the greatest PROBLEMS of our time is that many are schooled BUT few are EDUCATED’’. Thomas More

I know it’s easy for some of you to say ‘’Why didn’t you speak during Jammeh’s Presidency’’ YES! Some of us were silent (GUILTY) but REMEMBER any day you find the answer why for better part of Jammeh’s Presidency stayed in the Wlest and yet used pseudo names to fight the brutal regime thousands of miles away, is enough answer to tell you why many were SILENT. But at least for those who were on the ground did have the guts to stay around and live through it, whilst you were thousands of miles away and yet still your dare not show your true identity but rather choose to hide under a pseudo name doing your cyber war fare and yet we RESPECT you for your part in the battle against tyranny.

DEMOCRACY is about RESPECTING the views of others even if you don’t agree with their views or their political dogma. The Gambia of yester years is death and history since 1st December 2016, and nothing could take us back to the days of intimidation and politics of divide and rule. To those cry-babies (pretending to be men) who hide behind the internet to bully women for speaking their mind, are nothing but disgrace. Get it that the woman of the 21st century is STRONG, INDEPENDENT, EDUCATED, VOCAL, and most importantly has a voice in the way her country is being run. Time and time I have been taught that “The QUALITY of a leader is reflected in the STANDARDS they set for themselves”.

The TRUTH is we didn’t just vote out Jammeh and the APRC to replace them with Barrow and the coalition just for them to be repeating the same things which warranted for Gambians to vote them out, looking at the actions of the coalition government one can boldly say we have old wines in refine bottles. Nothing has change and so long has nothing change the #NewTypeOfGambian under the #NewGambia wouldn’t be bullied into silence. To limit the criticism of the coalition government, they must begin to focus on the promises they made to Gambians during the 2016 Presidential elections but instead what we are seeing is the contrary. Here are few that would proof we had REGIME CHANGE but not SYSTEM CHANGE;

– The President ditching the coalition agreement that brought this government to power

– The President going back on the three years they agreed upon and sold to Gambians

– The #57Pickups allegedly donated to The President by an unknown philanthropy to which he too later gave to the national assembly without revealing the source. Certain parliamentarians rejected the offered pickups for the reason that they don’t know the source.

– The Eleven Million Dalasis allegedly donated to the Muslim pilgrims who were on Hajj to Mecca.

– The Thirty Five Million Dalasis allegedly deposited into the First lady’s personal Foundation since 2017 December by TBEA a Chinese company allegedly competing on a tender at NAWEC.

– The allegedly D10, 000.00 given to certain parliamentarians (UDP MPs) by the President for fuel.

– The ID cards and other national documents contracted to #Semlex a company that has so much criminal investigations against them in other countries they operated before and including Belgium where they are head quartered.

– Lack of transparency in the oil contracts they have allegedly signed without clearly informing the citizenry.

– The excessive travels and perdiems expenses by government officials as reported by the Finance Minister at the National Assembly.

The above are enough reasons why the ordinary Gambian is critical of the current government but not out of malice or anything, if really you want such criticism stops start advising them to begin fixing such and surely we shall go back to the days of #BarrowIsOurMoses but until then expect citizens to be very critical because we can’t be taken back to what we just came from.

We STAND with our women who refused to be silence by men, religion, culture or society and look forward to a woman Presidential candidate NEXT ELECTION.

God bless The Gambia!

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