Yankuba Colley Believes President Adama Barrow And Jammeh Have Equal Power

Former Mayor of Kanifing, Yankuba Colley objects to President Barrow’s claim of being more powerful than Jammeh because they derived power from the same constitution.

President Barrow said in a statement, that he has the ECOMIG forces in addition to the National security forces  this make him more powerful than the former President, Jammeh. Mr. Colley thinks Barrow is only affirming his power to the Gambians by that statement, He believes that Barrow and Jammeh have equal power because the power vested in them is by the constitution, and they are backed by the same constitution. According to him, whoever overdrives into the constitution becomes a dictator an era which he did not subscribe to and perceives it cannot happen in The Gambia.

When asked about different political party affiliates pledging support to Barrow, he said, it is their political right, everyone is entitled to their choice of who to support and who not to support, it is a personal decision. He further stated that APRC is not loosing supporters to any political party, instead they are only getting stronger even stronger than before. He added that, most of the APRC party affiliates who left following former leader Jammeh’s departure have rejoined and their rallies are bigger than those of Jammeh’s era and that their supporters should expect “great things as how great the party is”, in their upcoming congress.

He illuminated on the fact that Barrow can become The United Democratic Party’s flag bearer if he endorses his membership to the party. “ It depends on him if he reapply and he is taken back as a UDP member.” Colley noted that apart from that, now Barrow is an individual candidate therefore he is legible to  join any party he wishes to join even APRC “he can even join the APRC, PDOIS, NRP or any other political party.

He overturn the 50% increment on salaries from the government claiming it is not “ Ideal” and that it favor only  the high income earners while the low income earners fall out of favor of the increment, he described this as “unfair” . He suggested that the government bridge the gap between the two categories instead of making the low income earners poorer, because the increment on salaries makes high income earners to earn more as compared to low income earners. He ended by saying “the low income earners should not dance”

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